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Miheer Shete


Founder of Indian food delivery brand Curryish, the entreprene­urial Chef Miheer Shete is based in Toronto but was born and raised in Mumbai. While he spent much of his career in European kitchens, he now uses those techniques in Indian cooking.

CLEAN EATING: What sets Indian cooking apart from the rest?

MIHEER SHETE: The originalit­y, diversity of dishes and, most importantl­y, the spices. The aromas created with spices is very addictive.

CE: What do you look for in curry mixes?

MS: The aromas should take over the room. I don’t go for one brand; they’re all good in their own way. See which works for your household, depending on the flavors your family likes.

CE: What are your top tips for building an authentica­lly Indian curry?

MS: The most important part is to make a flavorful masala – a mixture of onion, ginger, garlic and spices, whole and ground. It’s very important to caramelize the onion, ginger and garlic. It’s also customary to toast seasonings.

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