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These supplement­s may soothe anxiety.


Additional support from certain supplement­s may help reduce anxiety symptoms. Always consult your health-care provider before starting a new supplement.


Emerging research on cannabidio­l (CBD) suggests that it can lower anxiety levels and improve sleep. CBD is a hemp-derived compound that doesn’t contain THC, so it doesn’t provide a psychoacti­ve e ect. Experts suggest organic, full-spectrum CBD is best for health.

Herbal supplement­s

While the evidence isn’t conclusive, many people find relief from anxiety symptoms with regular use of herbal supplement­s such as valerian root, ashwagandh­a, kava and/or rhodiola rosea.


The anti-inflammato­ry properties of EPA and DHA, two potent omega-3 fatty acids, are connected to lowered anxiety symptoms and can be useful, especially for those who don’t regularly eat two servings or more of fatty fish per week.


Studies have shown anti-anxiety e ects with regular use of magnesium supplement­s at doses ranging from 75 to 360 milligrams per day. Magnesium also has been connected to improved sleep, which can decrease anxiety.

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