Clean Eating

Q/ A new year is upon us! As a pro cook, what is a best practice you’ll be taking into 2022?



After a year and a half of pandemic cooking, I’ve learned not to take anything for granted. I’m cooking a lot more frugally, and I am constantly finding new ways to make do with what I have and throw away less: I’m freezing vegetable trimmings and then making big batches of veggie broth. I’m buying whole chickens (and saving a lot of money) and breaking them down. I use the white meat for one meal, dark meat for another and make bone broth with the bones and trimmings. I’ve even made ice cream with used coffee grounds and spanakopit­a with chard and kale stems. And to minimize trips to the store because I’ve run out of something, I’ve gotten better at writing a menu every week based on what I have. As they say, I’m turning lemons into lemonade… or lemon curd, lemon bars and vinaigrett­e!


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