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The holidays can be particular­ly di cult for plant-based eaters, the standard festive dinner featuring mostly meat-based mains. Enter Two Spoons, one of the most vibrant up-and-coming vegan blogs based out of Toronto, Canada. As we move into the chilly season, Hannah Sunderani, a vegan of five years and the mastermind behind Two Spoons, is warming up her feed with winterfrie­ndly plant-based eats. Her seasonal menu includes showstoppe­rs such as the ultimate Nut Roast and a Vegan Shepherd’s Pie. She’s also sharing a few festive desserts (pecan pie, anyone?) and easy treats for entertaini­ng, such as tru es and hot bevvies. “I love to create plant-based holiday recipes because there is such a need!” says Sunderani. “One of the biggest compliment­s I get from my audience is that my recipes are easy to follow, taste delicious and always work out.” Check out her newest menu additions at

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