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Make room on your kitchen bookshelf.

This January 4, NYT best-selling author Leanne Brown is dropping her latest tome, Good Enough: A Cookbook – Embracing the Joys of Imperfecti­on and Practicing SelfCare in the Kitchen. The book is divided into chapters for segments of the day and moods surroundin­g cooking: Preparatio­n, Weeknights, For When You’re Struggling, For Fun, and more. Each chapter features personal essays – “What can we do when we wake up sad?” “Why is cooking so hard sometimes?” “Is e ortless entertaini­ng possible?” (spoiler alert: it isn’t) – plus correspond­ing recipes. In tandem with the theme of the book – bringing ease into cooking – each recipe features a “Too Long, Didn’t Read” blurb, simplifyin­g and summarizin­g the meal. With stories of self-compassion to dishes to nourish both body and soul, Brown teaches home cooks to dial down personal judgment and feel great about feeding themselves.

$20, Workman Publishing

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