Clean Eating

Follow these simple tips to reap all the benefits from intermitte­nt fasting while doing it safely:


Make the most of your eating periods. Boost your nutrient intake with clean, unprocesse­d foods, and steer clear of empty calories.

Purge your pantry. Before you start, get rid of refined, packaged, processed foods and binge-tempting goodies, and restock with clean, nutrient-dense foods.

Emphasize vegetables, fruits and lean proteins that work with your dietary restrictio­ns.

Choose whole grains, if you include them, and avoid processed, refined versions.

Include nutritious fats, like nuts, seeds, olives and olive oil, avocados and coconut oil.

Stay hydrated. It’s easy to get dehydrated on a fasting plan, so stock up on sparkling water, green tea and unsweetene­d flavored waters.

Start slowly. Begin by restrictin­g food for eight to 10 hours, then gradually increase fasting time by an hour or two a week.

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