Rock Art


“When I’m on the rock, I go into that zone where your con­scious mind takes the back­seat to in­stinct and flow,” says the Utah climber and car­toon­ist Jor­dan Peter­son, 33, of Salt Lake City. “A lot of times, I’ll come off the prob­lem I’m work­ing on and a bet­ter or fun­nier ver­sion of the cartoon I’m stuck on will flood into my brain.” Peter­son be­gan climb­ing at age 9 around SLC and out in Idaho’s City of Rocks, re­turn­ing to the sport at age 21 af­ter a de­tour into board sports. With new shoes and a towel as a “crash­pad,” he be­gan boul­der­ing in Lit­tle Cot­ton­wood Canyon, now just a mile from his house. Peter­son’s car­toons re­flect the sport by “teas­ing out all the weird ways our thoughts and quirks con­tra­dict the laid­back, easy­go­ing per­sona of a ‘climber.’”

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