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Climbing - - BASECAMP -

Never. My part­ner Brian will lower me into my grave with his be­lay de­vice whilst his one and my five yet-un­born sons carry the cas­ket with ice tools. —FRANK You need an “other” field. My be­layer turned out to be a pa­tron­iz­ing dick who couldn’t han­dle it when I started climb­ing harder than him. —KARIN When you look down to find your be­layer on his phone, the con­fi­dence level goes down a lit­tle. —RACHEL I’ll climb with any­one—I’m not into se­ri­ous be­lay­tion­ships. —NH My be­layer had to cut his climb­ing shoes with a knife while he was be­lay­ing me. It was the last time we ever climbed to­gether. —HE­LEN Sketchy be­lay­ing or un­wanted hit­ting-on (af­ter be­ing shut down) is grounds for break­ing up! —SUE

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