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When climb­ing was an­nounced as an event in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, many were puz­zled by the three-pronged for­mat: In ad­di­tion to lead and boul­der­ing events, there will also be speed, a dis­ci­pline lit­tle known out­side the com­pe­ti­tion mi­lieu. Still, in cer­tain parts of the world, speed climb­ing has a de­vout fol­low­ing, and the ath­letic fo­cus ap­plied to sprint­ing up a stan­dard­ized 15-meter wall has led to su­per­hu­man times of 6 sec­onds or less— ver­ti­cal run­ning in which the com­peti­tors are more of­ten air­borne than not. Here, worl­drecord holder Reza Alipour of Iran guns up the speed wall, se­cured by a spe­cial­ized au­to­belay to keep pace with his rapid mo­tion.


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