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Af­ter boul­der­ing in Rocky Moun­tain Na­tional Park, I sat at my desk the next day sore to the core. Us­ing the er­gonomic, multi- faceted, multi- pur­pose Wave Tool, I mas­saged each of my fin­gers, us­ing the notch in the tool to break down scar tis­sue, then turned to my fore­arms and legs. Af­ter a 10- minute ses­sion, I felt way less creaky. The In­stru­ment As­sisted Soft Tis­sue Mo­bi­liza­tion ( IASTM) tool works great for treat­ing myofascial re­stric­tions, ad­he­sions, scar tis­sue, neu­ral re­stric­tion, and mus­cle ten­sion. Its var­i­ous facets pro­vide a va­ri­ety of ways to mas­sage mus­cles and ten­dons. For all us­age, lo­tion is rec­om­mended to re­duce abra­sion; you can also use the tool in the shower or over tight cloth­ing.

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