Caf­feine- a- holic? On sum­mer days, l eave a glass or metal bot­tle of cof­fee i n your car. I t will be hot and ready to drink when you fin­ish climb­ing. —KEES NYSSEN

When your head­lamp is dead, climb­ing tape wrapped around a big stick and lit with a lighter can pro­vide hours of emer­gency light. The ad­he­sive burns slow and bright, and the fab­ric holds to­gether even while burn­ing. Bonus: Add twigs or stones for air­flow—the more gaps you have, the brighter and quicker it burns. —JONATHAN TRITES

For a faster tran­si­tion on multi- pitch climbs, i f you’re top- be­lay­ing some­one with an ATC i n guide mode and are swing­ing l eads, sim­ply put them on be­lay with a Gri­gri and then re­move the ATC, set­ting them up to l ead the next pitch. — AARON JOSEPHS

If you strug­gle with clip­ping flu­idly, hang a draw from the rearview mir­ror in your car and clip a sling into it. Any time you’re stuck at a red light, un­clip and re­clip the sling one­handed like you would with a rope, switch­ing hands each time. When you reach your des­ti­na­tion, change the di­rec­tion of the quick­draw and prac­tice some more. I used this method when I was learn­ing to lead, and then again when I go t started on more dif­fi­cult stuff and found my­self strug­gling to clip smoothly from smaller holds. —JAKE TANCER

Eco- friendly, gluten- free stick clip: Loop the top eye of your dog­bone over the end of a de­cently long stick, bro­ken to be about as thick as your thumb at the end, and then use an 1.5” twig to keep your biner gate sprung open. Keep the rope taut to keep the open cara­biner up­right in case the fit isn’t great. — DE­NIS LOGINOWSKI GOT AN AMAZ­ING QUICK CLIP? Send it our way at let­ters@ climb­ing. com; the best tip as se­lected by us in the next is­sue will win a pair of Be­lay Glasses from Be­lay Op­tics!

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