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QUICK FIXES FOR COM­MON CLIMBER PROB­LEMS COM­PILED BY MATT SAMET To keep from drop­ping my shoes when tak­ing them off at a mul­ti­p­itch an­chor, I ’ l l first clip each shoe via i ts heel tab to my har­ness us­ing an alpine draw. —JUSSI NURMINEN Cheap, pack­able, re­us­able rope bag: one of I kea’s big blue bags, which only cost $ 1.29. When mov­ing the rope around, j ust flake i t i nto the bag and pick the bag up. At day’s end, coil the rope, drop i t i n the bag, then toss i t all i nto your pack and noth­ing gets dirty. Best of all, the I kea bag packs down small— no awk­ward carry i n your back­pack. —CAREN WI­LEY With the pop­u­lar­ity of places like In­dian Creek, climb­ing racks have be­come huge. It’s not unusual— in my case at least— to have an oc­tu­ple rack! So, how to or­ga­nize, other than the ubiq­ui­tous Wal­mart tote full of tan­gled gear? A cou­ple drawer hang­ers, some wooden dow­els, two pieces of 2x2s, and a hand­ful of screws get you this: the van- cam- drawer- slide- thingy. Works equally well for dry­ing socks. —MATTHEW SAPIECHA

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