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Whatever happened to the cast of... IT’S A LIVING

From Oct. 30, 1980, to April 8, 1989, the employees of the restaurant atop LA’s Bonaventur­e Hotel put laughter on the menu.


Paul Kreppel

After his days as waitress-chasing pianist Sonny Mann, Paul, 70, found something else to tickle his fancy. While he did play Jackie’s dad on TV’s That ’70s Show, Paul pursued his love of theater — winning a Tony as co-conceiver, director and producer of the show Jay Johnson: The Two and Only!

Ann Jillian

Following her turn as sharptongu­ed waitress Cassie Cranston, Ann, 67, found her own voice in a number of ways. Besides starring in a slew of TV movies (including The Ann Jillian Story — about her battle with breast cancer), she also developed her career as both a singer and a motivation­al speaker.

Barrie Youngfello­w

While waitress Jan Hoffmeyer had a hectic time working, raising kids and going to school, Barrie, 71, found a quieter life served her best. After a few more roles (including as the original mom to TV’s Blossom), she focused on being the real-life wife of Kate & Allie actor Sam Freed.

Marian Mercer 1935–2011

Hostess Nancy Beebe greeted many a patron, and Marian was welcomed as a guest on shows from Murder, She Wrote to Suddenly Susan. The Tony-winning actress also returned to the theater before succumbing to complicati­ons from Alzheimer’s disease.

Gail Edwards

Though Dot Higgins balanced acting and waiting tables, Gail, 65, couldn’t wait to do things besides acting. After turns as Vicky on Full House and Six’s mom on Blossom, Gail decided to “try something new... like normal life.” So she moved to Sedona, Ariz., and now helps with her husband’s media business.

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