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Flee­ing from the Cy­lon tyranny, the last Battlestar, Galactica, leads a rag­tag fugi­tive fleet on a lonely quest for a shin­ing planet known as Earth...start­ing Sept. 17, 1978. Now take a few cen­tons and an­swer these ques­tions.

The quest be­gan af­ter the de­struc­tion of the far off Twelve Colonies of Man. What was their home­world called? A Caprica B Kobol C Pe­ga­sus

When not fight­ing the Cy­lons, pi­lot Lt. Star­buck (Dirk Bene­dict) liked to play a card game. What was it called? A Dag­git B Fel­ger­carb C Pyra­mid

Which for­mer Bond girl played Se­rina, the love of Galactica’s Capt. Apollo (Richard Hatch)? A Bar­bara Bach B Britt Ek­land C Jane Sey­mour In the short-lived Galactica

1980, which for­mer TV cop played Cap­tain Troy — Se­rina’s son “Boxey” all grown up? A Michael Cole B Kent Mc­Cord C David Soul

For the 2004 re­boot of the se­ries, who took over the role of Galactica’s Adm. Adama from Lorne Greene? A Richard Hatch

B Mary McDon­nell C Ed­ward James Ol­mos

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