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You’ll be­lieve a man can fly! On Dec. 10, 1978, Christo­pher Reeve’s ca­reer goes up, up and away when he hits the screen as comics’ Man of Steel. Now see if you can’t an­swer these ques­tions faster than a speed­ing bul­let.

1 On his home planet, Kryp­ton, Su­pes was known as Kal-El. His fa­ther (Mar­lon Brando) was JorEl. What’s his mother’s name?

A Lana B Lara C Lori

2 After es­cap­ing the doomed Kryp­ton, Kal-El landed on Earth near a town called Smal­lville. In which state was it?

A Iowa B Kansas C Ok­la­homa

3 As his al­ter-ego Clark Kent, Su­per­man worked as a re­porter along­side Lois Lane (Mar­got Kid­der) at which news­pa­per?

A The Daily Bu­gle B The Daily Planet C The Daily Star

4 Who is the only ac­tor to ap­pear in all four orig­i­nal Su­per­man movies as well as 1984’s Su­per­girl?

A Jackie Cooper B Gene Hack­man C Marc McClure

5 In 2006, Bran­don Routh took the lead for Su­per­man Re­turns. Who does he play now on TV in DC’s Le­gends of To­mor­row?

A The Atom B Green Ar­row C Hawk­man

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