Closer Weekly

WEEK OF MAY 9 – 15



APRIL 20 – MAY 20

At work, be careful of going above your boss’s head to get an answer. Play the office politics game and stay within the ranks of superiorit­y.


MAY 21 – JUNE 21

Your career climb is in full swing. A door of opportunit­y can open, but with Mercury retrograde in your sign, don’t rush into things.


JUNE 22 – JULY 22

At work, life is speeding up. Get organized and make plans, but be patient. Think through your strategy and get your game plan set first.


JULY 23 – AUG. 22

When you have work dealings, utilize your shrewd business skills. Believe you can win, and you can; attitude is everything.


AUG. 23 – SEPT. 22

Romance and passion are in the stars, Virgo! Don’t let a moment pass without sharing what’s in your heart and on your mind.


SEPT. 23 – OCT. 22

Insider knowledge is invaluable to advance at work. Ask the right people the right questions. Love and work are top priorities; be proactive.


OCT. 23 – NOV. 21

You have the power to put action to thoughts and make life happen. Your love and personal life promise to be an exciting ride!


NOV. 22 – DEC. 21

Keep a positive attitude — you are on the eve of good things coming your way. At work, your career can further develop.


DEC. 22 – JAN. 19

To attract and keep love, get in touch with what’s important to you in a relationsh­ip and what you can compromise on.


JAN. 20 – FEB. 18

Create a harmonious space at home to keep your mind, body, and spirit balanced. Stay focused on money goals for future security.


FEB. 19 – MARCH 20

With love, an alluring stranger can cause a rapid rise in your temperatur­e. Be prepared!



Take a step back as powerful planetary activity helps you get inspired about the future.

 ?? ?? In 1998’s Elizabeth
In 1998’s Elizabeth

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