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The Invention of the Year

The world’s lightest and most portable mobility device


“What my wife especially loves is it gives her back feelings of safety and independen­ce which has given a real boost to her confidence and happiness! Thank You!”

–Kent C., California

Once in a lifetime, a product comes along that truly moves people. Introducin­g the future of battery-powered personal transporta­tion . . . The Zinger.

Throughout the ages, there have been many important advances in mobility. Canes, walkers, rollators, and scooters were created to help people with mobility issues get around and retain their independen­ce. Lately, however, there haven’t been any new improvemen­ts to these existing products or developmen­ts in this field. Until now. Recently, an innovative design engineer who’s developed one of the world’s most popular products created a completely new breakthrou­gh . . . a personal electric vehicle. It’s called the Zinger, and there is nothing out there quite like it.

The first thing you’ll notice about the Zinger is its unique look. It doesn’t look like a scooter. Its sleek, lightweigh­t yet durable frame is made with aircraft grade aluminum. It weighs only 47.2 lbs but can handle a passenger that’s up to 275 lbs! It features one-touch folding and unfolding

– when folded it can be wheeled around like a suitcase and fits easily into a backseat or trunk. Then, there are the steering levers. They enable the Zinger to move forward, backward, turn on a dime and even pull right up to a table or desk. With its compact yet powerful motor it can go up to 6 miles an hour and its rechargeab­le battery can go up to 8 miles on a single charge. With its low center of gravity and inflatable tires it can handle rugged terrain and is virtually tipproof. Think about it, you can take your Zinger almost anywhere, so you don’t have to let mobility issues rule your life.

 ?? ?? The Zinger folds to a mere 10 inches.
Available in Green, Black (shown) and Blue
The Zinger folds to a mere 10 inches. Available in Green, Black (shown) and Blue

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