Don’t Overpay When Buying Gold and Silver


Acontinuin­g shortage of silver and silver blanks available to the U.S. Mint makes the American Silver Eagle a poor selection for larger purchases in this year’s silver market. However, American Silver Eagles are still great for collectors and for gi giving in small quantities.

ere are delays in production and delivery and huge price markups on the order of $13 or more above spot silver prices, which is not practical for larger orders of bullion coins. What this means is that a one-ounce silver bullion coin would cost you $35 or more if silver were valued at $22 per ounce.

Current year silver and gold bullion coins are popular when they are rst released, but if you want to save on your bullion purchases, you can sometimes buy prior-year bullion coins for less than the current year coin. Remember, current-year coins become prior-year coins in less than 12 months.

 ?? COURTESY MIKE FULJENZ ?? Silver bullion.

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