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Activists: Vatican is ‘meddling’ in Italy’s LGBT rights law


The Vatican has formally opposed a proposed italian law expanding anti-discrimina­tion protection­s to the lGBT community, a leading italian newspaper reported June 22. Activists immediatel­y denounced the move as “unpreceden­ted” Vatican meddling in italy’s legislativ­e process.

The Vatican foreign minister, Archbishop Paul Gallagher,

sent a letter last week to the italian ambassador to the Holy See saying the proposed law violates italy’s diplomatic agreement with the Vatican and seeking changes, the Milan-based daily Corriere della Sera reported.

According to Corriere, the Vatican’s objections include parts of the law that would require schools as well as Catholic schools to organize activities on a day designated nationally to fight homophobia and transphobi­a.

The proposed law adds women and people who are gay, transgende­r or have disabiliti­es to the classes of those protected under a law banning discrimina­tion and punishing hate crimes. it was approved by the lower house last november, but remains stalled in a Senate commission by objections from italy’s right wing.

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