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Prison to be evacuated after mice move in


A plague of mice that has ravaged vast swathes of eastern Australia has forced the evacuation of a prison while authoritie­s repair gnawed electrical wiring and clear dead and decaying mice from walls and ceilings.

Around 200 staff and 420 inmates will be transferre­d from the Wellington Correction­al Center in rural new South Wales state to other prisons in the region during the next 10 days while cleaning and repairs take place, Corrective Services Commission­er Peter Severin said on June 22.

Millions of mice have caused havoc in the graingrowi­ng region of Australia’s most populous state for months, devouring crops and haystacks as well as invading homes, businesses, schools, hospitals and prisons.

The most common complaint about the plague is an ever-present stench of mice urine and decaying flesh. People report being bitten by mice in bed. Mouse carcasses and excrement in roof guttering are polluting farmers’ water tanks and causing sickness.

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