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There is no need to drop this pistol’s ham­mer to field strip it. To field strip the XD-E, point­ing the gun in a safe di­rec­tion, first re­move the magazine, and then lock the slide back and make sure that the cham­ber is empty. With the slide still locked to the rear, ro­tate the for­ward take­down lever clock­wise 90 de­grees to the ver­ti­cal po­si­tion. Next, re­lease the slide lock while main­tain­ing con­trol of the slide and move it for­ward off of the frame. To dis­as­sem­ble the slide, turn it over, slightly com­press the re­coil spring and re­move it, be­ing care­ful to main­tain con­trol. Re­move the bar­rel by lift­ing it up and slid­ing it to the rear. It is now ready to clean and lu­bri­cate.

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