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I have found ev­ery SIG pistol I’ve used has been ac­cu­rate. There­fore, when SIG Sauer in­tro­duced their line of Elite Per­for­mance Am­mu­ni­tion, I sur­mised that it would be ac­cu­rate as well. I have not been dis­ap­pointed.

For self-de­fense, the SIG V-Crown JHP is es­pe­cially note­wor­thy. It scored es­pe­cially well in test­ing against var­i­ous medi­ums in FBI test­ing. Var­i­ous fac­tors con­trib­ute to the ef­fec­tive­ness, in­clud­ing a V-shaped jacket for con­trolled, uni­form ex­pan­sion; stacked hol­low point bul­let with ad­di­tional cav­ity, can­nelure half­way up the shank for max­i­mum weight re­ten­tion and ter­mi­nal ex­pan­sion; and low flash pro­pel­lant. The lat­ter is im­por­tant for less­en­ing an op­po­nent’s aim­ing point in night en­gage­ments.

Elite V-Crown 9x19mm am­mu­ni­tion is of­fered in three JHP weights: 115 grain, 124 grain and 147 grain. Also of­fered are three FMJ Elite Per­for­mance 9x19mm loads: 115 grain, 124 grain and 147 grain. The avail­abil­ity of these three weights is very use­ful, as most com­bat au­toload­ers will have fixed sights. Get­ting el­e­va­tion of the pistol on may be pos­si­ble by switch­ing front sight posts, but I also find that I can of­ten find a bul­let weight that shoots close to point of im­pact.

Based on my shooting tests with SIG Sauer Elite Per­for­mance 9x19mm ammo so far, it is very ac­cu­rate, among the best ammo I’ve used. The 115-grain V-Crown JHP has proven es­pe­cially good.

Right: An ex­cel­lent com­ple­ment to the MK25-D-RX is SIG Sauer’s ex­cel­lent line of 9x19mm am­mu­ni­tion.

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