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The Co­bra is a com­bi­na­tion of an IWB and pan­cake hol­ster. It works best as an IWB, in my opin­ion, but works bet­ter than many stan­dard belt hol­sters when worn as a pan­cake. It is quite ver­sa­tile, and when you are able to con­ceal a strong-side belt hol­ster, the draw is less com­pli­cated and the hol­ster more com­fort­able.

When it is nec­es­sary to go to an IWB type, the Co­bra has the good at­tributes of the Wright Ban­shee, but with the added com­po­nent of a belt loops on ex­tended wings to allow carry on the belt out­side of the trousers. The IWB loops are ad­justable for cant and ride. This may be the only hol­ster you will need.

MSRP: $134

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