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I chose a Ky­dex molded in­side the waist­band (IWB) hol­ster made by TAK Gear LLC for use with the Gen5 Glock 19. This hol­ster is molded to ac­com­mo­date the right-side slide stop lever on the Gen5 G19. This is a ne­ces­sity for rigid hol­sters like those made from Ky­dex, but leather or flex­i­ble syn­thetic ma­te­rial hol­sters made for pre­vi­ous gen­er­a­tion Glocks may work with the Gen5 G19. My hol­ster came with an open bot­tom so that it will ac­com­mo­date ei­ther a Gen5 G19 or G17 pis­tol. This hol­ster fea­tures a small pro­file, .08-inchthick qual­ity Ky­dex, a 1 ¾-inch quick clip and a van­guard claw. The quick clip makes it easy to put on and take off, and the van­guard claw puts pres­sure on the in­side of the belt, thereby forc­ing the pis­tol’s grip into the body for im­proved con­ceal­ment. The belt clip is ad­justable for cant, and the screws that hold the belt clip and van­guard claw in place also serve to ad­just ten­sion for re­ten­tion pur­poses. Match­ing spare magazine hold­ers are also avail­able ei­ther in­di­vid­u­ally or in a combo set. Both hol­sters and magazine pouches are avail­able in black, gray and flat dark earth. TAK Gear is a vet­eran owned and op­er­ated com­pany. All of their prod­ucts are proudly made in the USA in North Carolina. IWB hol­sters are $55 and combo kits are $70.

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