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Spe­cialty am­mu­ni­tion, that is, ammo uti­liz­ing a bul­let of non-con­ven­tional de­sign, in both 9mm and .45 ACP has been around for many years. But, un­for­tu­nately, while it seems to per­form well on un­pro­tected tar­gets, most ver­sions of it—Glasers, Pow’rBall, MagSafe, Guard Dog, et al.—have been crit­i­cized as be­ing in­ca­pable of re­li­able pen­e­tra­tion to vi­tal or­gans be­fore bul­let up­set oc­curs. Sto­ries of them “blow­ing up” on heavy cloth­ing, wal­lets, and even ster­nums and rib bones are common, and al­though some of them per­form bet­ter than others, few of them shoot any­where near point of aim, a con­cern of se­ri­ous pro­por­tions. One ex­cep­tion to this gen­eral rule is the Ter­mi­nal Shock bul­let, pro­duced by Dy­namic Re­search Tech­nolo­gies, or DRT, for short. DRT’s bul­let de­sign re­tards bul­let up­set un­til it reaches vi­tal or­gans, and then al­lows it to up­set, a task hereto­fore con­sid­ered im­pos­si­ble with such a fran­gi­ble bul­let. The re­sult is an in­stan­ta­neous shred­ding of vi­tal or­gans, cre­at­ing a mas­sive amount of shock to the tar­get’s cen­tral ner­vous sys­tem. In turn, such shock greatly increases how quickly the tar­get is in­ca­pac­i­tated. An added bonus is that the Ter­mi­nal Shock bul­let shoots to point of aim at 50 me­ters, the usual zero distance for ser­vice hand­guns. It also presents vir­tu­ally no over-pen­e­tra­tion or ric­o­chet haz­ard, mak­ing it a win-win propo­si­tion all the way around. Ac­tual field-test­ing on an­i­mals such as pigs, goats and large deer have shown the Ter­mi­nal Shock bul­let to per­form as per­fectly as it does in gelatin, some­thing I’ve rarely seen with more con­ven­tional bul­let de­signs. And last, but not least, DRT Ter­mi­nal Shock ammo will cleanly pen­e­trate wind­shields and au­to­mo­bile body­work makes it a great choice, even for gen­eral-pur­pose func­tions. So, if, for ex­am­ple, an 85-grain DRT 9mm is com­pared to a con­ven­tional .45 ACP JHP that typ­i­cally fails to ex­pand, there is no ques­tion that the 9mm is equal or su­pe­rior to the .45 ACP. How­ever, DRT hand­gun ammo is of­fered in mul­ti­ple cal­ibers, in­clud­ing .45 ACP, so if we com­pare the per­for­mance of a 9mm DRT Ter­mi­nal Shock to a .45 ACP DRT Ter­mi­nal Shock, the mas­sive de­struc­tive ca­pa­bil­ity of the larger Ter­mi­nal Shock bul­let dwarfs that of the 9mm.

Right: The DRT 150-grain .45 ACP Ter­mi­nal Shock is spec­tac­u­lar in bal­lis­tic gel and, like all other Ter­mi­nal Shock loads, be­haves ex­actly the same way in liv­ing tar­gets. In vir­tu­ally ev­ery in­stance in which they have been used on hu­mans, the re­sults...

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