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Buf­falo Bore of­fers good qual­ity am­mu­ni­tion loaded with flat nose, semi-wad­cut­ter, full wad­cut­ter, jack­eted hol­low­point and bonded core hol­low­point bul­lets. These bul­lets are cho­sen for the prob­lem to be solved and the job at hand.

As an ex­am­ple, a full wad­cut­ter bul­let is usu­ally cho­sen as a tar­get bul­let. When the bul­let is hard cast rather than soft lead and loaded to ve­loc­ity over 850 fps, the bul­let gets more in­ter­est­ing. Rather than push­ing flesh aside as a round nose load bul­let might, the Buf­falo Bore load cuts a hole in flesh and pen­e­trates straight and deep. The re­sult is greater wound po­ten­tial.

Both RNL and FMJ bul­lets some­times slip or skip on bone. A flat nose bul­let will not. The SWC bul­let with its flat nose and hard-driv­ing shoul­der of­fers ex­cel­lent wound po­ten­tial and it is a fa­vorite of those hunt­ing large game that de­mand greater pen­e­tra­tion.

While Buf­falo Bore’s .357 Magnum and .45 ACP hol­low point loads are well de­signed—and the .44 Spe­cial lead hol­low point is a fa­vorite—in .32 ACP, .32 H&R Magnum and .380 ACP these flat point loads max­i­mize the cal­iber. Buf­falo Bore of­fers cookie cut­ter type full wad­cut­ter de­fense loads.

The owner, Tim Sun­dles, lives in ter­ri­tory where every­one is bun­dled up most of the year and the an­i­mals are large and ag­gres­sive. He cuts no cor­ners with his am­mu­ni­tion. Just one ex­am­ple of Buf­falo Bore per­for­mance: the 60-grain hard­cast flat point .32 ACP clocked 980 fps in my Colt 1903 and pen­e­trated a solid 24 inches. That brings the .32 ACP into a dif­fer­ent last-ditch niche.

Buf­falo Bore of­fers full wad­cut­ter loads in pop­u­lar cal­ibers. This isn’t light tar­get stuff.

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