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A one-handed reload while in­jured can best be ac­com­plished by plac­ing the hand­gun with the slide locked to the rear in­side a Ky­dex hol­ster. In many cases, cre­at­ing dis­tance from a po­ten­tial threat can be more im­por­tant than draw­ing faster than the bad guy. Prac­tic­ing mov­ing the cover gar­ment out of the way is as im­por­tant as draw­ing and driv­ing the gun from con­ceal­ment. The key to suc­cess with a red dot-equipped pis­tol is fo­cus­ing on the tar­get while su­per­im­pos­ing the dot as op­posed to treat­ing it like an elec­tronic crosshair.

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