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Ameriglo has a wide range of af­ter­mar­ket sights of nearly ev­ery configuration. Its Agent three-dot sights, shown, fea­ture a ProGlo green tri­tium in­sert sur­rounded by a wide or­ange out­line for high vis­i­bil­ity both day and night. The rear sight fea­tures a ser­rated U-notch with green tri­tium dots. At this time this was writ­ten, they were of­fered only for Glock pis­tols. Glock M pis­tols that won the FBI con­tract come equipped with Ameriglo sights. The com­pany’s new De­fen­sive Carry sights, also ini­tially for Glocks, are sim­i­lar, ex­cept that the front sight is also of­fered with a lime green out­line around the tri­tium and the rear sight has a white out­line—in­stead of black—around the tri­tium. Ameriglo makes high sights, too, for use with a sup­pres­sor or op­tic mounted. The com­pany also of­fers an unusual but highly ef­fec­tive set of night sights with a ghost ring rear sight—very quick on tar­get. The ghost ring also has a small tri­tium dot on each side of the ring. For those who pre­fer some­thing other than a stan­dard three-dot configuration, Ameriglo’s I-Dot sights have an out­lined tri­tium front sight with a sin­gle dot rear. They’re made for Glock, S&W, Sig and Spring­field Ar­mory hand­guns. The com­pany of­fers fiber op­tic sights as well.

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