XS Sights F8 Tri­tium Big Dot

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XS was a pi­o­neer in the big front dot front sight for fast ac­qui­si­tion. The com­pany’s new F8 sights fea­ture a large tri­tium front sight sur­rounded by a large, high-con­trast pho­to­lu­mi­nes­cent (glow in the dark) or­ange ring. The over­hung rear sight re­duces glare in day­light. It has a sin­gle tri­tium dot for a fig­ure-8 dot-on-dot sight pic­ture. The wide rear notch helps vis­i­bil­ity and ac­cu­racy, and the rounded bot­tom helps to draw fo­cus to the top edges for proper sight align­ment. The rear sight also fea­tures a tac­ti­cal ledge for emer­gency one-handed slide ma­nip­u­la­tion. The F8 is avail­able for Glock, Sig Sauer, Spring­field Ar­mory, FN, Smith & Wes­son and Walther pis­tols. The com­pany still of­fers its DXT sights too that fea­ture a tri­tium Big Dot or stan­dard front sight with a ver­ti­cal bar rear sight be­low a shal­low groove, es­pe­cially for ac­quir­ing a flash sight pic­ture. The com­pany also makes sights for tac­ti­cal ri­fles, hunt­ing ri­fles and shot­guns.

MSRP: $142Web­site: www.XSSights.com

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