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Per­haps the big­gest dis­ad­van­tage to cross­draw is that you are pre­sent­ing the butt of your gun to a po­ten­tial at­tacker. This is why I pre­fer to use it with smaller pis­tols and re­volvers, which con­ceal bet­ter. It is also a bit slower and an at­tacker could po­ten­tially pre­vent you from draw­ing your firearm. An­other down­side to this is that re­ten­tion is not at its best when cross­ing your mid­line. Last, the act of the cross-draw can cause a shooter to over­shoot his tar­get or even fire be­fore their sights are prop­erly aligned. This mode of carry re­quires more prac­tice than you think for it to be ef­fec­tive. Un­for­tu­nately, many pub­lic shoot­ing ranges and com­pet­i­tive pis­tol shoot­ing or­ga­ni­za­tions do not al­low shoot­ers to draw and fire from a cross-draw po­si­tion as the po­ten­tial for muz­zling other shoot­ers is too great. This can make prac­tice and train­ing quite dif­fi­cult.

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