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Like all dou­ble-ac­tion re­volvers, the Tau­rus 856UL is sim­ple to op­er­ate. Press the cylin­der re­lease for­ward to al­low the cylin­der to swing out. Point the muz­zle down­ward as you load each cham­ber, mak­ing cer­tain each car­tridge seats prop­erly. Slowly close the cylin­der un­til it locks in place.

To fire, aim the re­volver and press the trig­ger. The dou­ble-ac­tion trig­ger press both cocks and drops the ham­mer. A straight pull through is the pre­ferred tac­tic for dou­ble-ac­tion re­volver com­bat shoot­ing. How­ever, if the range is past 7 yards, you may wish to prac­tice the fol­low­ing tech­nique: Press the trig­ger un­til the ham­mer al­most drops, get a good line up with the sights and the tar­get, and then drop the ham­mer. With an ac­tion that is less than smooth this tech­nique, stack­ing the ac­tion, isn’t as prof­itable, but may im­prove ac­cu­racy with suf­fi­cient prac­tice. The Tau­rus ac­tion is well suited to this type of fire.

Af­ter the ham­mer falls and the re­volver fires, al­low the trig­ger to move for­ward and re­set and you are ready to fire again. Af­ter fir­ing, move the re­volver to the weak side hand as you press the cylin­der latch. The weak side fin­gers press through the frame win­dow and move the cylin­der out. The weak side thumb strikes the ejec­tor rod and if the muz­zle is pointed up­ward the spent car­tridges will be ejected.

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