Concealed Carry Hand Guns - - EXPERT’S CORNER -

There are many .38 Spe­cial loads avail­able. Round-nose bul­lets have proven to be poor per­form­ers, and some hol­low­points lose much of their ve­loc­ity and ef­fec­tive­ness in a short bar­rel. The Black Hills Am­mu­ni­tion 100-grain Honey Badger cuts flesh and penetrates to an op­ti­mum depth, pro­vid­ing good wound bal­lis­tics. The Winch­ester 125-grain Sil­ver­tip +P of­fers good wound bal­lis­tics and proven ex­pan­sion po­ten­tial. For those who can­not han­dle the re­coil of a +P car­tridge in the light­weight .38 Spe­cial, the 148-grain wad­cut­ter is a rea­son­able choice. Though no pow­er­house at 750 fps, the full wad­cut­ter fea­tures a flat nose and cut­ting shoul­der and will cut rather than push flesh aside. I pre­fer this load to any .32 or .380 ACP load­ing.

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