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I will ad­mit that from time to time I have car­ried more pow­er­ful com­pact re­volvers in a coat pocket. In the day, I used to carry one of the orig­i­nal Char­ter Arms .44 Spe­cial Bull­dogs with the 2.5-inch bar­rel and af­ter sub­sti­tut­ing grips from the Char­ter Un­der­cover .38 Spe­cial re­volver, which would fit it. It slipped read­ily into a jacket pocket and gave me good power with medium ve­loc­ity SWC loads. I have also car­ried a 2.5inch bar­reled S&W Model 66 or a 3-inch bar­reled S&W 686 Carry Comp .357 Mag­num in a win­ter coat pocket. On oc­ca­sion, I have car­ried my Hard­cas­tle cus­tom 25-5 snub .45 Colt re­volver in a coat pocket, as well. These, how­ever, were guns that I stuck in a pocket be­cause the weather was cold and they would be eas­ier to ac­cess than un­but­ton­ing my coat for a .45 auto or a mag­num re­volver on the hip. Yes, they were car­ried as pocket re­volvers but were not so in­tended.

Though not a pocket re­volver in the tra­di­tional sense, Thomp­son has car­ried an S&W Model 66 with 2 ½” bar­rel in a heavy jacket or coat pocket.

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