Mur­phy on cam­pus

Connecticut Post (Sunday) - - Take a break - FRANK STE­WART

Un­lucky Louie has two daugh­ters in col­lege. In the club lounge, Rose asked Louie how they were get­ting along. “My old­est says that Mur­phy’s Law ap­plies,” Louie sighed. “If it’s pour­ing rain, your next class will be on the other side of the cam­pus. If an in­struc­tor says that some­thing is ob­vi­ous, it won’t be. If you do your home­work, he won’t ask for it. A pocket cal­cu­la­tor that has worked all term will fail dur­ing the fi­nal exam.” “His kids are just like him,” Rose sighed to me. “What­ever can go wrong, will. Louie was de­clarer at to­day’s four spades. He took the ace of clubs, drew trumps and led a heart to dummy’s queen. East took the king and led the nine of diamonds: ten, queen, three. West then led an­other heart, and Louie took dummy’s ace and led a third heart, hop­ing for a help­ful 3- 3 break. In­stead, East won with the ten and led the jack. Louie ruffed, ruffed his last club in dummy and tried a di­a­mond to his jack. Down one. “Three los­ing fi­nesses and a bad heart break,” Louie groaned. Four spades is un­beat­able. Louie can ruff his los­ing club in dummy at Trick Two, cash the ace of hearts, draw trumps, lead a sec­ond heart and play low from dummy. The de­fend­ers can’t get un­tan­gled. If, for in­stance, East wins and leads a di­a­mond, Louie ducks it to West’s queen, and West has no win­ning re­turn. If he re­turns a di­a­mond, he gives Louie a free fi­nesse. If West leads a club, he con­cedes a ruff- sluff. If a heart ( as­sum­ing West had a third heart), Louie would be sure of a sec­ond heart trick.

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