Connecticut Post (Sunday)

No ‘blank slate’ jurors in county shaken by slaying


No. 218 joined a bike ride supporting Ahmaud Arbery’s family after the young Black man was chased down and shot dead. No. 236 was a longtime co-worker of one of the white men charged in the killing.

Identified in court only by numbers, both people were summoned to jury duty in the trial over Arbery’s slaying. And after attorneys questioned them extensivel­y about the case, the judge deemed both to be fair-minded enough to remain in the pool from which a final jury will be picked.

An outcry over the February 2020 slaying of 25-year-old Arbery echoed across the U.S. after graphic cellphone video of the shooting leaked online two months later. With jury selection underway in the Georgia community of 85,000 where the killing took place, it seems increasing­ly likely that some of the jurors who are ultimately chosen will have preconceiv­ed opinions and personal ties to the case.

The judge, prosecutor­s and defense attorneys have questioned 71 pool members since jury selection began Monday. After dismissing those with personal hardships or unshakable biases, 23 were deemed qualified to advance. Dozens more will be needed before a final jury of 12 plus four alternates can be seated.

While questionin­g potential jurors, prosecutor Linda Dunikoski often told them the ideal juror would be a “blank slate.”

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