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GOP alderman candidates tout accomplish­ments

- By Eddy Martinez

ANSONIA — Although he is running unopposed, banners showing Mayor David Cassetti with Republican aldermen have peppered the downtown.

The board of alderman is currently controlled by the Republican­s, who work closely with Cassetti, but the candidates argue their accomplish­ments prove they have acted in the best interests of the city.

“Our track record speaks for itself,” said Republican Ward 4 alderman Tony Spigarolo.

One of the issues pointed to by Ward 5 aldermen Chicago Rivers and Joseph Jaumann is crime and they said they have worked on increasing resources for the police.

“We are improving police presence, starting with the relocation of our police station into the downtown area. The goal is to double police presence in areas where they are needed the most,” Jaumann said.

Ward 2 alderman Bobbi Tar, the lone unaffiliat­ed member of the board, has supported Cassetti. She is running after being appointed by the board to replace a Democratic alderman who moved out of the city in 2020.

Infrastruc­ture is a concern for residents and she said a lot of work has been done on alleviatin­g those concerns.

“With respect to improving infrastruc­ture, we are embracing a street and sidewalk repair initiative that will help homeowners replace outdated infrastruc­ture, including a grant funded $1.7 million reconstruc­tion of State Street, which will help residents of the Second Ward better access our growing downtown area,” Tar said.

Ward 6 incumbents Tony Mammone and Josh Shuart have both said that taxes are a big concern for residents. But they said they have asked for a monthly finance report so residents can see where their tax dollars are going.

Shuart said that education is also a priority and he pointed out that the grand list has grown. Voters, he said, are pleased by where the city is heading.

“They are encouraged by the economic growth occurring in the city and they are thrilled that the grand list has surpassed $1 billion. They want the city to continue to move in that direction,” Shuart said.

Ward 6 aldermen David Blackwell and Frank DiLibero have said they have also worked hard to ensure a good relationsh­ip with the school district. They said that taxes are also a concern but they’ve heard from residents that the quality of education is also a pressing issue.

Ward 1 aldermen Dan King and Charlie Stowe said they helped to renovate the basketball courts in Gattison Park and found a location for Valley Save our Youth.

“Providing opportunit­ies to our youth is important to us,” King said.

And Stowe said taxes are an issue but residents don’t have to worry about where he stands.

“Let me make this clear: I will never vote for a tax increase. Ever,” Stowe said.

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