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Cooking Light - - What’s Fresh Now Thanksgiving, Simplified -

Gift registry–style carv­ing knives look spiffy, but their dull blades make you saw fu­ri­ously, man­gling the turkey and squeez­ing out pre­cious juice. But high-qual­ity, ra­zor-sharp slicers make carv­ing ef­fort­less and yield In­sta­gram-wor­thy turkey slices. We like these three: The Western-style Wüsthof Clas­sic Ikon fea­tures an easy-to-wield 8-inch blade ($160,


ama­ The Shun Clas­sic Hol­low-ground Slicer with swirled


Da­m­as­cus steel is hand­some and glides through meat ($150,, and the Dex­ter Rus­sell Sashimi Knife sports a pre­cise


foot-long blade at a tasty price ($56, dex­ter­rus­sell­cut­

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