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Fact: There are 3 types body bumps—and we’re about to destroy them all

No, this isn’t another story about scrubs.



Basically, classic zits (yep, bacne), often from hormones or hair products. Or if you live in moisturetr­apping athleisure, it could be fungal acne—itchy, red, or pus- filled bumps caused by an overgrowth of yeast in your hair follicles (don’t freak, everyone’s skin has yeast— sweaty environmen­ts just cause more of it to grow).

Because hormonal and fungal acne can look the same to the ~untrained~ eye, you’ve gotta treat both. So (1) get thyself some dandruff shampoo, like Nizoral A-D ($15, drugstores), which uses an antifungal ingredient called ketoconazo­le to kill/ prevent yeast growth (also the cause of dandruff). Rub the shampoo on your back in the shower, wait three to five minutes, then rinse. And (2) after drying off, wipe the bumps with a salicylic acid pad (try Neutrogena Rapid Clear Treatment Pads, $10, drugstores) to keep pores clear.

“This is the ultimate no- makeup makeup product, folks. It covers my melasma and old breakout marks without feeling masklike, and it leaves my skin nice and moisturize­d thanks to hyaluronic acid.”

“This barely there tint is perfect for evening out my skin tone with minimal effort. Plus it’s got SPF and antioxidan­ts, which are clutch for protecting me from damaging UV rays, pollution, and blue light.”

“The gel texture of this ~luxe~ tint makes my face look like a dewy little gumdrop. The best part though: The lightweigh­t coverage actually lasts— even through layers on layers of sweat.”

“Blending this tint into my skin is like taking a Photoshop blur tool to my face. It brightens my whole look instantly, giving me the perfect nongreasy glow.”

“K, so rosacea + tints = nah. Like, I need some for my red cheeks. That said, this one toned down the flush (bless you, turmeric root and maracuja oil) so I could feel like I was wearing something while still looking natural.”

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