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Every mi l lennial stereotype

Actually, just hand this to your dad and go make some avo toast.


Millennial­s Made Astrology Cool Again. And yeah, there are astrologic­al reasons for our obsession. A big one: Uranus. The planet of revolution and innovation was moving through Sagittariu­s from 1981 to 1988. So anyone ( read: millennial­s) born during these years was pushed early on by the stars to rethink traditiona­l models of, well, everything. Oh, and ppl (read: more millennial­s) born from 1988 to 1995 challenge tradition instinctiv­ely, thanks to our friend Uranus lurking in Capricorn then.

Like ol’ Uranus, Neptune and Pluto spend many years in a single sign, defining entire generation­s ( they’re actually called “generation­al planets”), including ours. This trio is responsibl­e for the traits that have given millennial­s a bit of a rep. You know: We’re selfie- taking, cerealkill­ing monsters guzzling kombucha and refusing to apply for

“a real job.”

Keep reading for more ~cosmic factors~ behind why a boomer’s “wildly unrealisti­c” is a mill’s “disruptive” and why we got hit with these stereotype­s ( rude) in the first place.

 ??  ?? Uranus made me take this sel f ie.
Uranus made me take this sel f ie.

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