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Don’ t rul e out par t - t i me g i gs…


“When I graduated in 2009, I had friends forgo the job market altogether and apply to grad school. But I couldn’t imagine making my way to law school in the fall. So I took a remote internship with a tiny winefocuse­d PR agency from my apartment couch in Lancaster, Pennsylvan­ia. Despite being barely 21 and surrounded by miles of farmland, I spent two days a week calling restaurant­s in New York City to help organize an event. I thought, If I can prove to these people that I’m as talented as an entry- level staffer, who’s to say I won’t end up with a real position by the end

of the summer? Two months later, a full- time job opened up—and guess which intern was first in line for the gig? Moral of the story: Don’t just stick your foot in the door—keep it there and force your way in! Hard work is undeniable. Even when the stakes are low, it really can pay off in the long run.”

—ERIN JAF FE, 32, assistant VP at a publicity firm

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