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The swipeabili­ty generator, brought to you by science

Or how to impress our robot overlords and reel in the dating- app matches.


Here’s the thing: It pretty much seems like fact that the majority of rightswipe­s are based on physical attraction. As in, if someone looks like your particular brand of Regulation Hottie (or if you look like theirs), matching is gonna ensue. Well, friends, I am here to tell you that’s not totally true—at least, according to Snappr, an on- demand photograph­er marketplac­e that also creates artificial­intelligen­ce tech to analyze profile pics. The

actual factors behind what makes an image most swipeable have more to do with how you take the photos than what you look like.

So basically…you could send your BFF another batch of nearly identical selfies to swipe through... orrrrrr you could harness the coldly analytical powers of AI—and these databacked phototakin­g tips—to set yourself up for max swipeabili­ty. Your choice, ofc!

Show the left side of your face

Or rather, what the ppl looking at your pics see as “left.” Since we tend to scan images from left to right, showing this side gets your photos the most play—so make sure it isn’t totally hidden by a photobooth prop or shadow.

Shoot from high angles

Yes, vantage point absolutely matters. Higherup lenses from above eye level to way above your head reel in more swipes.

Serve face… and some body

Aim for something more zoomed out than your LinkedIn headshot (no shame to that profesh bb tho!). Waistup is ideal, and look directly at the camera. Swipers will automatica­lly follow your gaze—so if you’re looking away, your future lifemate/ random hookup may too.

Stay inside

Women who use outdoor photos get 40 percent fewer swipes and responses— and timing matters too (lateaftern­oon and late- night shots perform best). The kinda cool, very technical explanatio­n: Your pupils look larger in dimmer lighting, and dilated pupils are a biological signal of arousal, something your swipers may be drawn to subconscio­usly.

Saturate your photos a smidge

Sixty percent of dating- app users post photos with poor saturation, so adjusting yours slightly higher will make your pics stand out. Aka even if you think you’ve already gotten the perfect image, go just a bit more bluey on those blues. ( Hey, we don’t make the rules!)

Get a wingman wingpet

It’s legit research: Posing with your pet will earn you more swipes, possibly because it makes you come across as caring, sensitive, and/or a good prospectiv­e parent. But also, who needs research? C’mon, just look at that face!

Wear something red

Or put on red lipstick. The color reads as attention- getting, bold, and powerful.

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