Cosmopolitan (USA)

Hi! I’m Lauren Palmer— most people call me Keke.


Ms. Palmer, if you’re nasty . I’m an entertaine­r: I love singing, dancing, acting, making people laugh, and encouragin­g the voices of the unheard. I like to think of myself as a millennial *diva*—a diva because I’m fabulous and millennial because I take no shit and believe in equality for all.

I was excited to do this cover because yes, I like the magazine, but I didn’t want my face to just be on a magazine.

I wanted to be a guest editor so I could challenge Cosmo to actually walk the walk and use its platform to inform readers— readers who I believe want the change we all deserve to see. I’m glad Cosmo has created an action plan and look forward to it manifestin­g. There are so many amazing people of color who are well qualified just waiting to be a part of their favorite magazine. They want to know they aren’t just welcome as readers but also as the creative forces behind the scenes! So Cosmo, I’m gonna hold you to your promise, and hopefully this isn’t the last time I get to grace your cover as a beautiful brown- skinned notreally- an- activist- just- caresabout- humans badass millennial diva.

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