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ou’re bored at home, wanting Something New for when you finally get to Go Out...but online shopping is overwhelmi­ng. All the scrolling and comparing and scrolling some more. *rolls stressy montage of woman opening a million tabs* Ever wish someone could just do all that work for you? Yes, hi, and welcome to my infomercia­l and the part where the OxiClean guy I tell you about mystery bundles. Something that sounds gimmicky (bc it gimmicky!) but is actually one hundred percent delightful.

“The idea is for customers to trust us to style them,” says Erika LeFlouria, 20, a junior at Florida State University who started selling mystery bundles on

Etsy this summer. “My clients send me themes or color inspo, and I shop for and send them special surprise items that I think they’ll enjoy.” What differenti­ates these packages—which can be one-offs or subscripti­on-based— from other styling boxes out there is that they’re made up of thrifted pieces and usually final sale. Oh, and they end up



A dash of trendy pieces mixed with everydayty­pe clothes.


Think: retro dresses and neckties.

Some boxes have NWT items (that’s “new with tags” to you).


From VSCO to cottagecor­e, there’s a bundle for everyone.


Every Friday at 6 p.m. ET, there’s a new drop. costing around $3 to $10 an item, and some bundles offer up to 24 (!!!) pieces.

Shoppers are in it for the ease, ecofriendl­iness, and excitement. All they have to do is pick the kind of bundle they want (boxes can vary from an entire outfit + accessorie­s to a four-pack of flannels). Then they submit their sizes and a few preference­s (like “no neon” or “green, pls!”). LeFlouria’s best reviews came from what she calls her VSCO bundle: a shirt or tank, a scrunchie, and water-bottle stickers.

Generally, mystery bundles skew casual (graphic tees, tourist shirts, jeans, sweaters) because... the pandemic. “That was a tipping point,” says Topper Luciani, founder and CEO of secondhand retailer Goodfair. LeFlouria agrees, adding that during COVID-19, receiving something you’re surprised by means something to look forward to. “Getting one is a thrill,” says Luciani.

Honestly, who couldn’t use one of those right now? *rolls footage of woman opening a present, looking psyched*

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