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Fix the fashion industry?

A panel of key players talks it out.


credit where it’s due, and we just want that same respect back. The number one rule is to have empathy. Think about if you were in that person’s shoes.

And if you have the privilege, engage in profit- sharing or codesignin­g. It’s not going to hurt your brand or reputation. Share the wealth.

Many brands are already addressing racism and inequality head- on. How can we keep up the momentum?

Equality has to be a personal goal. We’ve all got to keep our feet on the gas. We can’t let this conversati­on go.

Yes, a lot of people don’t understand that you have to keep working against biases. You have to put a daily effort in.

It’s also about doing your research, shopping amazing Black brands—evening the playing field.

Start by picking one issue to really put your concern toward (this doesn’t mean you don’t care about other things), whether it’s ethical factories or historic erasure. Learn all you can about it and channel your energy toward it.

Yes, literally. There are hightech gadgets that’ll de- pill your sad knits, but a good ol’ razor (with a new blade) will also do the trick. Gently run a dry one over the fabric to collect that matted lint.

The material is a fall go- to…but also fussy. When your boots start looking rough, dampen a cloth or stiff brush in some white vinegar and rub that ish over any stains or scuffs to freshen them up.

 ??  ?? sweater, $185, f iloro. com. razor,
$ 75, ouithepeop­le. com.
sweater, $185, f iloro. com. razor, $ 75, ouithepeop­le. com.

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