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Working from home has its perks—you can stay in your pajamas—but it also has its challenges, especially when you feel like your living room is your office and not a place to relax. Liz Marie Galvan wanted to draw the lines between her work and home life and, after taking one look at her lengthy resume, it’s understand­able why. She’s a blogger, interior designer, boutique owner and writer in West Michigan. She’s also a new mom. “I knew I wanted a place solely to work,” she says. “Also, my husband, Jose, recently joined me in working from home and we hired our first employee.” Seeking a place for all three of them to hone their workplace identity, Liz Marie found a clever solution: a she shed-turned-office shed.


Of course, not just any shed would do. It had to fit Liz Marie’s cozy cottage style and, as the backbone of the Galvans’ company, it needed to have all the functional workings of an office: outlets, power and air-conditioni­ng for those hot Michigan summer days. She worked with LP® Outdoor Building Solutions®, a manufactur­er of engineered wood building products designed specifical­ly for use in sheds, barns and outdoor structures, and Tuff Shed®, a leading provider of installed storage buildings and garages, to create a one-of-a-kind shed-turned-office.

She chose LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding in a cedar texture for the exterior and interior panels; she appreciate­s that it looks like natural wood but is made of an engineered wood material that is known for its durability. Liz Marie also selected LP® ProStruct® Roof Sheathing with SilverTech®, which features a radiant barrier to help keep her shed cool in the summer heat, and LP ProStruct® Flooring with SmartFinis­h® to resist termites and keep pests out.

In addition to choosing durable materials that fit into the aesthetic of her farm, customizin­g the shed to reflect her personal style was important to her. “They let me customize it in so many ways,” Liz Marie says. “I wanted lots of windows because I’m like a fiddle leaf plant … I need light!” Not only did Liz Marie get her plethora of windows, but her vision was fulfilled by picking the shutters, colors and more. When the shed was installed, it was discovered that the ground wasn’t level, so the team worked with the couple to find a charming solution: wraparound lattice on the bottom of the shed. Not only did it fix the problem, but it added to the shed’s allure.


Once the shed was set up, Liz Marie got to work styling the inside in her characteri­stic farmhouse cottage look. She says, “I wanted the shed to feel as though it could be a room inside our home.” A long, skinny table serves as a collaborat­ive desk—Liz Marie envisions working across the table from Jose and loves how the setup will encourage discussion and teamwork—while a white cabinet holds the essential lifeblood of any good office: coffee machines and tile mugs from Anthropolo­gie. There is also a comfy couch where Liz Marie can take meetings as well as breaks with her baby son. Everything is given a distinctiv­e spin with subtly masculine details. Hand mannequins and shoe forms invoke the classic elegance of Savile Row. “The pieces are really unique,” Liz Marie says. “They remind me of a proper British tailor shop.”


With their office shed completed, the Galvans are ready for the next chapter in their brand. Originally, Liz Marie wondered if a shed could truly be an extension of her home and style, but she is now a firm convert. “I know we will be using it daily,” she says. “After seeing what it will be for us, I encourage people to think about the ways they can use sheds in their lives. From pool rooms to sunrooms to offices … they can be anything you want!”

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