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Stress-Free Holiday Styling

Molly reveals her favorite tips for transition­ing your rooms from everyday décor to Christmas-themed.


• PLAN AHEAD. Start thinking about your décor a few months ahead. You don’t need to decorate until you are ready,

but thinking about it well in advance and planning it out can help a lot.

GET YOUR CHRISTMAS DÉCOR OUT A COUPLE OF WEEKS BEFORE YOU PLAN TO DECORATE. This way, you can go through your items, see what you feel like using this year, and assess what you may need to purchase so that you have it all on hand when you begin decorating.

GIVE YOURSELF PLENTY OF TIME TO DECORATE. When you’re not pressed for time, Christmas decorating will be enjoyable rather than a stressful chore. Don’t try to get it all done in a day. Molly likes to start early so that she can take her time, but also so that she can be done and enjoying it well before the holiday rush.

ONLY PUT UP WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY. One year, you might be craving a simple minimalist look. Follow that feeling. Don’t feel pressured to go all out and decorate every inch of your home if you don’t want to. If you have décor you don’t love anymore, don’t put it up. Decorating with a few items you love is much better than adding many things that are just okay. Quality is better than quantity when it comes to Christmas décor.

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