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DIY Window Wonderland

Recreate your favorite childhood window displays with this magical vintage window vignette inspired by Instagram influencer Ellen of @feathergla­ss.



1. Cut your cardboard into approx. 3” x 6” pieces (depending on your window size) for the foundation of the floating shelves. You’ll need nine cut pieces total.

2. Hot glue them together in groups of three so you have three separate thick platforms. Then, hot glue your ribbon around the border to create a clean edge.

3. Use your scissors or X-Acto Knife to poke two holes in the two back

corners of the platform (this will help you hang the platforms later). 4. Hot glue your figurines (in Desirée’s case, her reindeer and bottlebrus­h trees) onto each platform to create a miniature vignette. Then glue some batting around the figurines to look like snow. You can add Elmer’s glue and sprinkle glitter on top for a sparkle effect. 5. Secure three thumbtacks to the top of the window where you want your shelves to hang from. Slip your jute twine through the back holes and tie knots at the bottom to secure. Then, create a knot at the top of the string to hang on the thumbtacks.

6. After the shelves are hung, secure them to the back of the window by dotting hot glue along the front edge of the platform. Add snowflake embellishm­ents to the glass using the white paint pen and enjoy!

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