Cottages & Bungalows

2. Lined and Numbered Laundry Baskets



• Wire baskets

• Scissors

• Muslin or another fabric of your choice • Sewing machine

• Fabric paint

• Cotton balls


1. Measure the diameter of the top of your basket. Divide the number by two to get the radius of the basket. Tie a piece of string to a pencil and then cut the string to measure the length of the radius. Using the string and pencil, draw a circle on the muslin (or other fabric) by holding the end of the string on the fabric and drawing the circle with the pencil, making sure to keep the string taught. Cut out the circle.

2. Find the circumfere­nce of the basket by multiplyin­g the diameter by 3.14. Measure the height of the basket. Cut a rectangle of fabric that’s the length of the circumfere­nce +2 inches and the height of the basket +4 inches. 3. Pin the length of the rectangle to the circle and sew around the circle.

4. Remove pins and fit the liner into your basket. Pin the open ends of the side of the liner so that it fits best in the basket. Sew a simple seam to close the liner’s gap.

5. Find number stencils on Google Images (we printed ours on a piece of sticky label paper, but you can use regular paper). Cut out the number shapes and affix the stencil to your liner in the location of your choice. Dab on fabric paint and allow it to dry thoroughly—or, even simpler, purchase ready-made stencils at your local crafts store.

6. Fit the liner into your basket and fold down the top of the liner over the basket’s edge. If your basket has handles (as ours does), you can cut slits in the liner’s top to allow the handles to go through.

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