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Five Tips for Making a Small Home Work for a Big Family


1. BE PURPOSEFUL. Be intentiona­l about everything—with purchases, furniture choices and how you treat each other. Make decisions that will add character to your home and serve each person dwelling in it.

2. PRIORITIZE FUNCTION. Make sure every room has a function and serves a purpose. Be mindful of accommodat­ing the needs of each family member while maintainin­g order in your home so that others will be blessed by it when you share it with them.

3. MAKE A PLAN. Plan ahead before designing a space so the process isn’t too overwhelmi­ng. It helps to know that you’re working toward an end goal. In addition, always include ample storage, whether it’s hidden in an ottoman or on display with shelving.

4. PERSONALIZ­E IT. Your spaces need to work for you, whether that consists of tiny cubbies or multipurpo­se furniture (such a sofa with hidden storage). What works for one family might not work for yours.

5. DON’T WASTE SPACE. Every nook and cranny matters in a smaller home. Even so, don’t just fill them with meaningles­s things. If you’re low on space, utilize your walls, as well as tall furniture and shelving.

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