Cottages & Bungalows

Singing the Blues


• COLOR CURATION. Gather your color palette. Vicky suggests “strategica­lly repeating the elements throughout the home.”

This coastal vacation residence features a range of blues—proving that one color can be used in a variety of ways for inspiring home décor.

• DASHES AND SPLASHES. Use one or two colors as a constant, and then layer in a splash of bold color.

• “DRAMATICA.” Remember that using the same colors in a variety of textures can also add drama. “This is a great way to create dynamic interiors,” Vicky points out.

• STUNNING STATEMENTS. Vicky also suggests “considerin­g each individual piece or element of the design and making sure they make a statement of their own.”

• EXPERIMENT­AL. Experiment with a wide range of values using the same color for interest.

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